Our Philosophy

Here at Lake Butler Middle School, we believe children between the ages of 10 and 14 have very distinctive physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs that set them apart from elementary and high school students. Therefore, they must be provided with a stable, yet flexible environment that will meet their changing needs and promote academic and social success. It is during this period of growth that each student will develop skills, attitudes, habits, and values that will, to a great degree, determine the future student, employee, or citizen that he or she will become.
       We believe there should be an emphasis on basic skills including reading, writing, mathematics, creative thinking and critical thinking through an integrated curriculum in a cooperative environment. We maintain high expectations in all learning areas, stressing both quantity and quality so students can reach their highest potential. We provide for the transition from elementary school as well as prepare students for academic success in high school. We provide students with the opportunities to practice responsibility, self-discipline, goal setting, decision making, and citizenship. Students must develop positive self-concepts and become aware of their potential in order to recognize their rights, privileges, and responsibilities to others, as well as themselves.
       Believing that successful educational endeavors must include the home as an integral part, we encourage the community to be involved in all aspects of the school program in an advisory, as well as an operational role.